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About Us

We started in 2007 to fill a gap in the womenswear market. We stumbled upon the original Halston wrap dress and got really inspired by it's versatility. Soon after our MultiWrap Dress was born! Now our MultiWrap Dress comes in 30 different colors, it comes with a bandeau and carrying pouch as standard!

We are very proud of our very humble beginning and we grew the brand organically with our customers' needs in mind. In our 10th year Anniversary, we launched a new bridal collection that is very uniquely Eliza & Ethan. Our unique designer pieces are well thought out concepts /ideas and are made with the highest quality of craftmanship to ensure you have that perfect dream dress for your special day!



MultiWrap Dresses

There are not so many multiway or multiwrap dresses on the market BUT our original version, is the only one that is ONE-SIZE.

Our dress comes with a matching color bandeau at no extra cost & a velvet carrying pouch so you can easily pack it into your suitcase for travels.

We stand for quality. Our fabric feels luxurious and soft to touch. It's machine wash friendly and it comes in 30 different colors.

You will never have to wear the same dress twice! We can wrap it around 20 different ways, why would you have your girls all the same way, if they can choose their own style?  This is also perfect for every shape and size,  it's also maternity friendly!

Bridesmaids Dresses

Finally by popular demand, our bridesmaids collection is out!

Made from the same fabric as our fabulous MultiWrap dresses, it comes in 30 different colors and each dress is lined to provide additional structure.

Each of the style of dress is made-to-order and we offer from in US size 2 to US size 22. Why not mix and match with our MultiWrap Dress to complete your bridal party?


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