Our Story

Eliza & Ethan was founded in 2007 by brothers and sister team, Eliza and Ethan, to fulfill their childhood dreams of having their own fashion house. Although we are siblings, but we were both brought up at different places. Eliza was raised in Europe whilst Ethan was raised in SoCal.

We are the first designers that came up with the world famous MultiWrap Dress. The dress itself is ONE-SIZE, comes in 2 lengths, in over 20 colors, complementary matching bandeau and a luxurious carry pouch. Adorned by famous celebrities, loved by bridesmaids and cherished by every fashionista – see why our dresses are the talk of the town!

At Eliza & Ethan, we are very proud that our MultiWrap dresses are made in the USA. We strive to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality product managed by us here in Los Angeles.